Cybertruss Launches Apps Store and Cloud Services

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Cybertruss has launched Apps Store a product that allows businesses to create their web applications with few clicks. It has also launched cloud services which enables user buy web hosting disc space and domain name such as For now mobile apps and desktop apps is not available but will be added in the future.

Cybertruss app store can be accessed via the URL: while cloud services can be accessed via

You need the same username and password to log into both platforms. Note that you must have a valid domain name under the cloud services before you can create an app. You will also be unable to register domain name if your profile is not complete.

Cybertruss apps store at the time of this publication has 3 active templates that users can use

  • Service business template
  • Ecommerce template and
  • Transport and logistics business template

All the websites have multiple payment methods like Flutterwave, Paystack and Paypal. For manual processing of orders, your clients can pay via bank transfer.

Each template’s category is unique in the type of business it processes. For instance, Ecommerce templates has working shopping cart with inbuilt logistics while transport templates has online booking that enables users select vehicle type, etc, The service templates do not have any of the above

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