Which is the Best For My Business: Web Site or Mobile Apps

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Before you approach a web designer or a mobile app developer, it is extremely important for you to understand the difference between the two. A website cannot replace an app and an app cannot replace a website. They both offer unique advantages for various businesses.

A business can decide to either go for mobile apps or a website. However, there are no rules that you must select a website or a mobile app for your business. It is also possible to make websites and mobile apps work together.

Please note that in this document we did not consider the various technologies that can assist businesses build their website or mobile app instantly without a developers help.

Why Websites are Better

  • A website is often less expensive than an app
  • Creating websites takes less time than creating an app.
  • A website works on all devices
  • A website is easier to link and share than an app
  • Web sites are easier for people to find when searching online (In the future this might change as App Stores are constantly improving search functionalities)
  • Websites are less difficult to create and update from a business perspective

Why Mobile Apps are Better

  • Creating a mobile app for your business can improve your marketing reach by providing a unique channel for the attraction of new customers or engaging with existing customers.
  • An app can attract new customers through the app stores
  • A mobile website is a great way to start a relationship with a customer, and an app can deepen existing relationships.
  • New customers can search and find your apps via the apps store
  • An app can take advantage of phone and tablet hardware
  • Mobile apps give you unique options to engage with existing customers, as well as providing a personalized experience.
  • It is true that HTML5 has come a long way in delivering user experience (like geolocation and push notification), however, the Apps provides a better user experience
  • An app can provide a unique experience to your customers

Making Your Web sites and Mobile Apps Work Together

Today, as it has become extremely easy for developers to build websites and mobile apps, most businesses combine the website and mobile apps. This makes it possible for such businesses to take advantage of the various benefits of both systems.

In conclusion, you should not choose between a website or a mobile app, instead, you should work with both.

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