Cybertruss Have kicked Off Operation

Cybertruss has kicked off its business operation. Full Business Operation will kick off on the 4th of January, 2021. Customers can register for its products via its online websites. Cybertruss will kick off with 5 of its web services which are currently in its production stage. These services are as follows:

  1. Custom Software Design and Development: This is the center of software development where we build custom software solutions for businesses.
  2. Internet Of things: This is the center where we develop customized hardware device that can solve difficult business problems.
  3. Cloud Services: Which are the home for our web hosting and domain name registration
  4. VoIP Solution: The center for an internet telephone system which enables users to run free internet calls forever

We provide easy payment for our client via Flutterwave and all our support channels will be functional 24/7 throughout the year.

We will have a central login system where users can manage their account

Cybertruss is incorporated in Nigeria and its main mission is to make it easier for businesses to become automated by producing tools that enables businesses to run smoothly.

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